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Now that there is a steady source of water at the school, we are making a communal school garden for the kids, to teach them about the different stages of agriculture, but also to offer the children fruit and vegetables as many of the children of the area suffer from malnutrition. Surplus of crops will be sold at the market at Waterloo to finance the following year's plantings. 

Despite the country having rich soil, good rainfall and climate and even though 2/3 of the country’s workforce is in agriculture and 60% of GDP comes from farming, the harvests are still poor. 

We arranged for an expert farmer to come to teach the children sustainable agriculture methods. The kids are gaining skills that they can bring home to share with their parents and one day possibly use these skills to get a job. At the same time, they will learn about /help food security, while improving their own nutrition too with the vegetables they can grow.

We created the project in consultation with the wishes of the local community and have budgeted supplies based on local costs for the materials needed.  We started the project by clearing the land, providing tools and seeds.  We welcome donations of gardening equipment and funds for buying larger garden equipment, chicken dung for fertilizer, assorted seeds, and the agricultural teacher's stipend. 

Malimba Community School Garden web.jpg
Video of the swamp area near the school being cleared to start the garden. 

Receiving our donation of garden tools by the school head teachers. 
December 2022

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 21.36.13.png
These photos show the access roads to reach Malimba, taken in Nov 2022. They show how remote the villages are. Due to their remoteness and the lack of infrastructure nearby, it is very difficult for the villagers and their children to thrive here. A communal garden will go a long way towards feeding the community, helping them to be more self-sufficient, improving their nutrition and health, while offering them valuable agriculture skills for their futures. 
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